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About me…

about-me-pageWow!!  This is so much harder than I ever thought.  Maybe I should start by using the 5 W’s 4 W’s of journalism?  I’m leaving out the “When”.  I’m not about to talk about my age.  At least not yet.

Who:  My name is Christy and I’m the girl responsible for this blog…My Invisible Crown.  I’m one of those people who can come across shy or even a little stuck up when first met but that’s not the case.  When I get to know someone, you almost can’t shut me up.  It just takes me a bit to get warmed up.  I think the blog world will be different for me because it feels like I’m talking to myself already, which I do all the time anyway.

What:  Well I’m a wife to a wonderful, very generous and caring man who’s my very best friend (no really…he is) named Duane.  I’m a mom to three of the most awesome kids on the planet to start (well most of the time).  Those are my hardest, most challenging and at the same time absolute most rewarding titles I’ll ever know.  I am also a new grandmother (EEEEKKK!!!).  I am much too young to be a grandmother just so you know! My kids, Jade 21, Bailey 16 and Clay 13.  Brynna is my granddaughter and is almost 1.  She’s one of the great loves of my life and I can’t imagine life without her even if I am too young to be her grandmother.  I’m a daughter (most of us girls are) and a sister, a niece and an aunt (I have 19 nieces and nephews and counting) and I’m an AMAZING friend to even more amazing friends.  I love them dearly.


Where:  I’m from the deep south…born and raised and been here my whole life.  My father is from Buffalo, NY.  His parents were immigrants with their families when they were very small from Poland and Hungary.  My great-uncle came south to go to college and his room mate turned out to be one of the winningest  football coaches of all time.  That started a tradition and all relatives came down south to this particular college, including my father.  That’s where he met my mother and stayed in the south, got married and had children.  My husband is from New Orleans which is why you will see some, if not a lot of cajun inspired dishes here.  The first time he took me to New Orleans I fell in love with that city and it’s food.

Why:  Why I’m writing this blog?  Well several reasons I guess.  Because my kids are getting bigger and need me in different ways than they did when they were very young but in less time consuming ways.  I feel like I need a creativity outlet and that I do have things that others might like to share and also because it just seems fun.  Maybe that will change, I don’t know.  When it becomes a job and I no longer enjoy it, I’ll stop.  The biggest thing is why I named it My Invisible Crown when it’s mostly a food type blog?  We all have things we struggle with in life and I am certainly no exception.  We also hopefully all have things we overcome or continue to strive to overcome and I am again, no exception.  For me, My Invisible Crown is just a term to help remind me to love myself, to be good to myself and accept my flaws along with all that is me.  To celebrate the things I am good at or can do well (which hopefully those are some of the things I’ll share with you), but to also remind you all to remember those things about yourself when you hear or read the words.

So from my heart and home to yours…here is My Invisible Crown!