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Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 in Tips | 0 comments

My Invisible Crown and Ziplist

My Invisible Crown and Ziplist

I absolutely LOVE anything that will make life just a little bit easier.  Call me lazy…I’m ok with it.  But lazy or not the new features you’ll find here on MIC with Ziplist are pretty awesome.   You may already be a Ziplist pro (it wouldn’t take much) but even if you aren’t I’m going to walk you through all you’ll need to know to use one of the most awesome recipe tool you’ll ever run across.  You’re welcome.  🙂

Ziplist define themselves like this:


Super cool, right?  Now I’m not so lazy, huh?

As I said, you may already be using Ziplist with your favorite sites such as Bon Appetite, EpicuriousBake Your Day, Savory Simple, Bran Appetit, Food Fanatic, Jelly Toast, Pineapple and Coconut, Pizzazzerie, Evil Shennanigans and so many more.  If you’re not you can start now.  Take a look at the navigation bar where you’ll see Your Recipe Box and Your Shopping List.  That’s exactly what it is…YOURS.  This is where you’ll go to print your recipes, save them in an online recipe box, add ingredients to a shopping list and print that out as well.  There’s even a menu planner and savings on groceries!

Let’s get started.  When you find a recipe you want to save you’ll see this button as shown below right next to the Print button.   When you click that button the inset screen pops up letting you know your recipe has been saved and allowing you to go to your recipe box.




You can also get to your recipe box through the navigation bar on any of the pages of MIC.




When you choose “Your Recipe Box” you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like the one below where you’ll find your saved recipes (on this site as well as any others you may use), printable grocery lists and deals and a meal planner:




There’s not a whole lot you’d want to do that you can’t.  I’ve been using Ziplist for almost my whole blogging life but these changes and additions…they’re for you.  I hope you enjoy.  😀


If you have any questions or comments of course let me know.   Hope you enjoy!


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