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Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Breads, Desserts, Featured, Snacks, Sponsored | 10 comments

Spiced Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Honeyed Mascarpone Cream and Toffee Bits

Spiced Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Honeyed Mascarpone Cream and Toffee Bits

For the full recipe visit Dixie Crystals.

It’s been a bit of a crazy week in my house.  Everything is scattered and a mess so I hibernated in my kitchen and came up with these Spiced Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies with Honeyed Mascarpone Cream and Toffee Bits.  It is my happy place after all.  I do realize that’s a long name and I know there are two camps as to whether we should name dishes in this way.  Some feel it’s overkill (I used to be one of those and sometimes it is) and others feel it’s more attractive to readers to be descriptive and kind of pull you in by listing the awesome ingredients (I think that’s where I’m headed).  I could have just titled this Whoopie Pies or sweet potato whoopie pies but that’s boring and I’m leaving so many things out.  Then you start to look at what you’re leaving out that might appeal to a reader.  That’s why I got to such a descriptive title and you know what…no apologies.  I LIKE IT!

sweet potato whoopie pies Most weeks are really fairly hectic around here.  I know It could be worse so I am definitely not complaining.  And the craziness is a good thing (at least this week).  I think maybe I’ve talked a little bit about my dogs here before?  If not, I am a dog lover.  Big ones, little ones, doesn’t matter to me.  I have two large breed dogs. One is almost 13 years old and that’s really old for a large breed dog.  Well, you may also know that I RARELY fry anything.  (Stick with me, I am going somewhere.)  I don’t like the mess and I definitely don’t like the smell it leaves in my house for hours!  The Cajun loves to fry shrimp and I can smell it for days!!  One day I had fried something and moved the pot into my garage to get it away from me and I put it on a low shelf.  Big mistake.  You see my dogs eat in the garage (I also don’t like dog food in my house so this is the easiest way) and my oldest puppy thought the oil looked appetizing.  GAG!  He lapped up the whole thing without me even knowing.  Needless to say just a short time later he puked every bit back up.  Guess where?  ALL over the carpet in my bedroom!!!  And yes, it’s as gross as it sounds.  SO, the reason my week has been crazy is because THAT’S getting taken care of.  New carpet.  Yay!!!  I LOVE the carpet I picked out.  It’s navy.  My bedroom is a very high traffic area and I’m just very into navy right now.  Did you know it’s a neutral?  It is.  Navy is the new gray.  Anything you can wear gray with you can wear navy with. So besides carpet I had the walls painted and new bedroom furniture is on its way since it was really just time for it all.  AND since I was redoing the bedroom of course the bathroom needed a fresh new coat in a fresh new color.  I chose a metal paint for the bedroom walls (they have a slight shine to them) that really is just a pale silvery blue.  My bedding is white linen with navy, pale blue and silvery accents (pillows).  I’m so happy with it so far.  Bathroom walls are a deep navy and look wonderful!  SO, crazy week, YES.  All the contents of my bedroom, bathroom and closet are scattered throughout my house and not in a good way (if there were such a thing).  But it’s temporary and SO worth it. What’s your favorite bedroom color? Let’s talk briefly about these sweet potato whoopie pies.  I love sweet potato.  I made cubed sweet and spicy sweet potatoes as a very early post.  Wow!  Looking back, my styling and photography has gotten so much better.  Thank the LORD!  This sweet potato and leek soup is something that gets used as a search term every single day.  It’s actually pretty awesome. I’m cooking up a recipe using purple sweet potatoes soon.  I made a cake with them (the purple ones) last year and although it tasted amazing the color doesn’t translate.  The batter is a gorgeous deep purple color but the finished product comes out a gunky black-ish brown.  Like these.  The batter is a bright orange color that’s just so happy but the cakes lose most of that.  At least they don’t turn into something that looks unappealing. sweet potato batter For the full recipe pop over to Dixie Crystals.

Aren’t whoopie pies just the cutest little things?  They’re so versatile, too.  There are TONS of varieties.  You can make the cookie/pie portion from basically any flavor you like.  They bake quickly, especially in small batches.  You could even make them for a party and have them in a bar type set up where you put out different toppings (really they are sidings since they go on the side but no one wants to say that) and let your guests do it themselves and customizing their little pie.  What would you add as your whoopie pie sidings?  😀  The mini chocolate chips I used made a good addition I think. For the full recipe ingredient list and directions (and to show some love 🙂 )  jump over to Dixie Crystals‘ where you’ll find lots of other wonderful recipes as well.   Take a look around while you’re there? This post was sponsored by Dixie Crystals.  All opinions are 100% my own as always.


    • Thanks Dina!!! They were fun.

  1. I love long and descriptive titles…and I’m especially drawn to this one! Toffee…mascarpone cheese…and sweet potato? Did I mention spiced brown sugar? It all sounds so good!
    Monet recently posted..Little ThingsMy Profile

    • Yay! Someone agrees with me! I just couldn’t leave anything out. 🙂

  2. You know, if you don’t make the title as long, you can’t play around with the fonts either. But I’m also in the same camp as you with what to name recipes.
    Shiloh Barkley recently posted..Taco SoupMy Profile

    • Oh but that can really mess you up, too. Working on photo editing and adding text can be such a time suck for me! Do you get lost in it like I do?

    • Right? Dump crunchy. buttery toffee on just about anything and I’m all over it! Thanks Erin!

  3. These look fantastic, Christy! I am also intrigued by the navy carpet! You should do a post about it when it’s all done, it sounds gorgeous!
    Emily {Jelly Toast} recently posted..chicken noodle soupMy Profile

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