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Posted by on Sep 8, 2013 in Announcements | 2 comments

Announcing Announcements

When I first started My Invisible Crown I knew I wanted to have a theme and blog features and something to offer my readers that was different and set me apart from other food blogs instead of it just being a site where I come up with new recipes and photograph and share them with you.  There’s nothing wrong with that but I envisioned more, I just didn’t know what that more was.  What I did know was that I wanted it to be organic and not forced.  So, I decided to just sit back and let it evolve naturally.  Well we’re at a place where I know (at least in part) some of what that will be.

Announcing a few new MIC items.

I have added this category in the navigation bar of this site that’s labeled “Announcements”.  This is a place where I will post things I want to tell you guys about that I don’t want to muddle up my recipe box and also things I don’t want getting lost in the recipes and most of you never seeing it.  This way when I have something to “announce” it’ll always be where I can communicate it to you in a more efficient way.

First off (and not in any real order, just how it’s coming to me as I write this) is a feature on seasonal produce.  At home (and this blog mirrors my home, well my kitchen at  least) I buy and cook with the freshest and most seasonal produce I can.  I haven’t really verbalized it in any organized way until now but I’m about to.  I plan on posting at the beginning of each month (it’s already the 8th…I know) the seasonal produce that’s available.  Now I know what’s available here in Alabama may or may not be available to someone say…in Montana but we will get close.  I have chosen to go with fruits and vegetables that are being harvested during each month to get the freshest list possible.  Of course some foods are available year round as the grocery stores bring them from all over the world.  I’m attempting not to talk about those at all.  Also, foods may continue to show up on grocery store shelves a little while after their harvesting times are over.  This list is not all encompassing and sometimes (often) things will repeat.  I plan on also giving you guys an idea of what recipes you’ll see based on the seasonal harvesting schedule.  It’s communicative and I like it.  I hope you do, too.

That also brings me to the second “feature” type thing I wanted to introduce.  Since the beginning I have tried to help readers look at recipes in a different way than maybe they always have.  When I was a young cook I would see a recipe and if there was something I didn’t have in it or didn’t like, it was out.  I put it away and started to find something that was exactly what I needed AND had in the pantry or fridge.  My cooking ability has evolved and grown a lot since then and I’m able to take a recipe and make it completely my own using items I can either get my hands on or switching out something I can’t stand for something I love.  It’s really all in the way you look at it.  Now, I’m not saying everything will work ALWAYS (nor am I even remotely suggesting you try and change the basic formula of a recipe) but I am saying if you train yourself to think differently about recipes, it’ll open up a lot more opportunities and the recipe then becomes YOURS.  That being said I am going to list suggestions in each blog post that would work well as substitutions.  So, if I mention something being in season that you can’t get then maybe something in the substitutions list is something you can get and something you or your family likes.  See how it’s all coming together?

MIC will continue to evolve and change as I’m always looking for “my place”.  But I can promise you that it will be because I have analyzed and put lots of thought into it and it’ll be taking us down a road I think is good.    Would love your thoughts?




  1. Sounds exciting! You have a wonderful blog and your food is truly amazing. You don’t even want to know how I half-cooked dinner last night and burned breakfast. Ya, I’m in a bit of a cooking slump. I’m sure eating in your house is a treat.
    Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe recently posted..When A Home Office and A Playroom MarryMy Profile

    • Thank you Tricia! You’re such a sweetheart!!! You give me way more credit than I deserve. Trust me, I burn my fair share of things and since I experiment and test so many recipes there are plenty of disasters and disappointments that come out of my kitchen! I do like the new direction of the way I’m thinking about taking things. Not major changes but maybe a little more benefit than just sharing my creations? Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot. <3


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