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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Sides | 7 comments

Purple Sticky Rice with Butternut Squash

Purple Sticky Rice with Butternut Squash

I think I’ve talked before about a couple retail stores that I love.  You’re about to hear it again.  Not because they’re asking me to but because I, as a food blogger, get so much inspiration from just walking through these places.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE to shop.  It’s not the act of shopping I love.  It’s the act of buying what I want!  But these two stores in particular it is the act of shopping AND the act of buying what I want.  It’s a two-fer.  Williams Sonoma and Whole Foods.  If I’m ever stumped on what to make I can just spend a little time in either place and problem solved.  Or if I’m ever a little down in the dumps, I just go inside and walk around talking to myself all the way and having the best time.  I’m telling you this because this Purple Sticky Rice with Butternut Squash is a product of both my loves (retail in nature that is).

purple sticky rice with butternut squash side dish by My Invisible Crown

I found these ingredients on the same day and didn’t plan on making anything with them as a combo but it turned out beautifully.  I bought the butternut squash because well, it was so bright orange and looked so healthy.  I don’t like butternut squash, or didn’t before this and I was determined to change that.  I WAS successful.  This is a dish I will be making for the rest of my days.

fresh butternut squash by My Invisible Crown

I found the purple sticky rice at Williams Sonoma and was so intrigued I had to buy it.  There was a suggestion of a recipe on the back for a sweet dessert type rice but I wanted something different.

purple sticky rice by My Invisible Crown

This is a truly original recipe with no outside influence except the two stars of the show, well and my oh so wonderful Homemade Chicken Stock.  I started out with some butter and onion and garlic and added the chicken stock and butternut squash and cooked it until it was tender and flavorful.  Separately I cooked the purple sticky rice according to package directions although I used chicken stock and coconut milk as my liquid.  It worked perfectly.  The rice, when finished is firm and almost chewy but in a good way.  It also has this great deep color that HAS to have some nutritional value.  I should look that up.

homemade chicken stock by My Invisible Crown

coconut milk by My Invisible Crown

onion and garlic

chinese five spice

I added some Chinese Five Spice that my mom used to use in one particular dish when I was younger.  I can’t remember what it is but I remember loving it so I knew it would work well here.  Be warned though.  It only takes a tiny bit!  After cooking these separately and making sure they were seasoned properly, I stirred them together and fell in love with what I had.  The chewy, ever so slightly nutty rice with the soft buttery butternut squash made the perfect combination JUST LIKE I THOUGHT IT WOULD!

Please understand that I totally get that this dish isn’t particularly photogenic.  Just try it though.  Really.  You won’t be sorry.  And I still have about 3/4 of the bag of rice left so I have several different dishes coming up made with purple sticky rice.  The butternut squash before I added it to the rice was amazing on it’s own as well.  In a pinch I bet you could use a long grain rice so if you don’t make it by a Williams Sonoma store and can’t find purple sticky rice, don’t fear.  There’s enough flavor to go around.

purple sticky rice with butternut squash

Purple Sticky Rice with Butternut Squash


  • 4 tablespoons butter, divided
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced
  • 1/8 teaspoon Chinese five spice
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper
  • 2 cups butternut squash, cubed
  • 2 cups homemade chicken stock, divided
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk, divided


  1. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a medium sauce pan over medium heat.
  2. Add minced onion and salt and pepper and cook 3-4 minutes until onion is wilted and translucent.
  3. Add garlic and cook another 2 minutes.
  4. Add squash cubes and 1/2 cup chicken stock, cover and cook until tender and most of the liquid is absorbed. If needed more stock can be added to reach desired tenderness.
  5. Cook purple sticky rice according to package directions omitting liquids and using 1 1/2 cup chicken stock and 1/2 cup coconut milk.
  6. When rice is done, stir in 1/4 cup coconut milk and remaining 2 tablespoons butter until melted.
  7. Add rice to butternut squash, salt and pepper to taste and serve warm.

This was perfect for a meatless meal with a small side salad or for a bigger meal as a side dish.   What do you guys think?  Would you try it or is it too out there?


  1. This looks interesting. I like the dishes seperately, so I think they would be good together. Five spice is very versatile. I used it on sauteed vegetables and it works well in cookies and hot drinks. I hope your weekend trip goes well.

  2. The recipe looks amazing. I’ll be trying it soon.

    One question: How much rice did you cook? I didn’t see the amount in the recipe. I’m guessing it was 1/4 of the 1.5 pound bag or whatever amount corresponds to 2 cups of cooking liquid.
    Rob Moreland recently posted..Broncos coach Fox to undergo heart surgeryMy Profile

    • I have GOT to go back and correct that. I made the rice the other day for the first time in a while and glanced over the recipe and realize I’d left that out. I was still a baby blogger at that time (still am I guess) and wasn’t all that great at staying organized. I used a cup of uncooked purple sticky rice. 🙂

  3. I made your Purple Sticky Rice with Butternut Squash last night. True, it is not terribly photogenic, but the taste is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Well thank you! It’s not photogenic but I loved it. I make it all the time now and am so glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by to let me know!

  4. The recipe does not list purple rice as an ingredient. How much should we use? Thanks!

    • Hi. You emailed me this question over a week ago and I responded immediately. You should have it in your in box. 😊


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