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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Appetizer | 12 comments

Whipped Feta and Tomato Crostini

Whipped Feta and Tomato Crostini

It’s the week of Thanksgiving.  We are all beginning, if not already in full swing, maybe partial panic mode on all we have to do to get everything as perfect as possible for Thursday.  Let’s slow down for just one second while you’re reading this post and really think.  Don’t give me the cookie cutter answer, but tell me what you’re really thankful for.  Is it the same as last year?  Did life change drastically since then or stay the same?  In all the push and shove that is happening right now and the bigger push and shove that’s about to happen on nasty BLACK FRIDAY, can you stop for just a second and be truly thankful?  Tell me what it is in the comments.  I’d love to hear.  I read every single comment that has ever and will ever be posted to this blog and so far I have responded to each and every one of you.  I am thankful for you guys.  I know that does sound like a cookie cutter answer coming from a blogger and one you think I might HAVE to say but it’s very true.  I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have you guys to talk to about it.

I’m also very thankful  of course for all those cookie cutter answers of my own.  Just because I keep calling them cookie cutter doesn’t take away from their value.  It’s just that we throw them out there so many times without really, really thinking about them.  I am very thankful for healthy and happy children.  I am so thankful for my sweet husband and the happy marriage we have but that’s all the time…not just on Thanksgiving.  This year when I do what I asked you to do and really stop myself and think, one thing in particular pops into my head.  I’m thankful to still have my mom.  You see, not that long ago she was in a very traumatic and very brutal accident that in most cases would have taken a persons life.  She’s fine now.  She has actually been told by her doctors that she is about 6 months ahead of where she should be in her recovery and most people looking at her wouldn’t even know anything happened.  I’m not telling you this to get sad or morbid and I really hope she doesn’t mind me talking about this.  I am saying all this to remind those of you who still have your mom, dad, husband, kids, whomever it may be with you or whatever it is that is that thing that pops into your head, to be truly thankful and don’t let the opportunity pass to celebrate that this week.  I don’t see my mom nearly as much as I should, sorry Mom.  I’ll do better.

So, enough of all that mush.  Let’s get on with the Whipped Feta and Tomato Crostini that I’m also really thankful for just on a smaller scale.

My Invisible Crown

The feta is creamy, especially when whipped and cream cheese is added.

My Invisible Crown


The tomatoes are juicy and acidic but still sweet the way tomatoes are.  It has toasted pine nuts to give it a nice bite that’s not actually a crunch but close.  Fresh basil that’s so aromatic and full of flavor and all this is piled on top of crusty on the outside and soft on the inside French bread.  Remember my sweet basil plant?  I used it on this and also in the AH-mazing pasta I called Fettuccine Carbonara Alfredo.

My Invisible Crown

My Invisible Crown

What more could you ask for?  Thank you Ina Garten, Barfoot Contessa.  This recipe is from her new Foolproof Cookbook.  I followed the recipe exactly.  There was nothing in it I wanted to change which is very unusual!

My Invisible Crown

I keep saying this and I suppose I’ll keep on saying it but this recipe was really easy.  I’ve been thinking about it.  Am I saying it because I’ve been cooking since I was a kid or is it really easy?  I posted this question not long ago and it’s really been on my mind since.   I think the reason I think everything is easy is because those are the recipes I’m drawn to.  I like different dishes that aren’t difficult and that’s normally what I make.  So when you see me say it’s a simple recipe then most likely it’s fairly simple.  This one definitely is included.

My Invisible Crown

Whipped Feta and Tomato Crostini


  • 6 ounces good feta, crumbled
  • 2 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 2/3 cup good olive oil, divided
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons minced shallots (2 shallots)
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic (2 cloves)
  • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
  • 2 lbs ripe heirloom tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, 1/2 inch diced
  • 3 tablespoons julienned fresh basil, plus extra for serving
  • 20-25 (1/2 inch thick) diagonal baguette slices, toasted
  • 2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts


  1. In a food processor place the feta and cream cheese and pulse until cheeses mixed well.
  2. Add 1/3 cup olive oil, lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper and blend until smooth.
  3. Up to an hour before serving, combine shallots, garlic and vinegar in a medium bowl and let sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Whisk in remaining 1/3 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.
  5. Add tomatoes and toss to coat.
  6. Allow to marinate for 10 minutes.
  7. Stir in basil and taste for seasoning.
  8. Spread each slice of bread with a generous slather of whipped feta.
  9. Whit a slotted spoon, place tomatoes on top.
  10. Plate crostini on platter and scatter pine nuts and extra basil.
  11. Serve.

If not using a kitchen scale, I divide an 8 ounce bar of cream cheese in half and then in fourths and this gives you approximately 2 ounces.

Sea salt and table salt can have a very different saltiness. I used sea salt.

To julienne basil, lay leaves flat on top of one another, roll lengthwise into a small tube shape and slice from the end. This gives you the ribbons seen in the photo.

To toast pine nuts place them in a saucepan on the stove over medium heat and turn occasionally until browned.

This is great for a Thanksgiving appetizer or even a light snack after everyone has left.  This is my last post of the week so don’t look for me on Friday.

Please enjoy your friends, family or yourself no matter what your plans are.  I’ll be thinking about ya!



  1. I’m really thankful my husband found job. He’s ran his own electrical business forever, but things pretty much crashed in our area and we’ve barely been squeaking by for the past few years. You always hear people say, “Well just go flip burgers, they’re always hiring.” But, it’s not quite that simple. We, both of us, have actually applied for those jobs, even shift work at a gas station, but no luck. It’s not always that easy. So I am really thankful for some steady income, even though it’s not a lot. He starts next week.

    And like you, I’m thankful that my father-in-law pulled through a terrible car accident. He has a broken neck, 3 broken vertebra in his back, a punctured lung, lacerated liver and spleen, and a broken pelvis. It was iffy for a while, but he’s doing well now.
    The Domestic Fringe recently posted..Movie Night: Pass the Popcorn – Santa Paws 2 Movie ReviewMy Profile

    • You actually really read what I asked! I know exactly what you’re talking about. My daughter has been in the same boat. Trying for so long and so hard to find a job and resorting to looking at things she thought she’d never do and still nothing. I’m so happy Fringe Man found something. Even something small is a blessing. And also thankful for your father-in-law. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. this looks very good – I like feta, but think I would love the whipped version you came up with. I’d prefer sundried tomatoes (love the sweetness)…but those looks so delish.

    I read your request and I have a hard time pinning down any one thing I’m most thankful for – I guess I would say the inner strength I have aquired in this last year. I truly believe God never gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes we just have to rise up to the occassion cause we never believe we can really do all that we can….this has been one of those years for me. However, as hard as this time has been – a good friend told me the other day she couldn’t wait til we were old & in the nursing home so she could remind me of the harder times I will survive as well – she always has such faith in me….so see, I’m thankful for that as well (good friends who always believe in me). I hope she is right.
    Wishing you and your family the best thanksgiving!

    • You know it really does seem like it’s such a hard thing to do but that’s an awesome answer. We grow during those times in our lives and I’m so happy you have friends in your life that serve such an important purpose. Hope you guys have an amazing, relaxing Thanksgiving!

    • Thank you! I really am working hard on it. I NEED to improve.

    • It was really, really good and very easy to whip up! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

  3. I have so many things to be thankful for that I can’t write them all down. You are certainly one for so many reasons. I am so richly blessed with a wonderful family and friends who have shown themselves faithful over the past 7 months. God has granted me more time to enjoy all of you. Thank you, Christy, for honoring me. And, I am continuing to love your blog. This recipe looks fantastic and I know I would love it.

    • It really makes you stop and realize how fragile life is and I am truly glad the Lord allowed us a little more time. Love you Mom!


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