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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Giveaway | 44 comments

Applebee’s New Spirited Menu Gift Card Giveaway

Today is a day for the history books!  Well my own history book in my head for my cute little blog anyway.  MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!  I was approached by the super cool people at Applebee’s because they’ve launched a new Spirited Cuisine menu and they thought I might like to share it with you.  Turns out I surely do!  When I took a look at this new menu I fell in love and the prices are perfect!!!

What Executive Chef Michael Slavin has done is incorporate spirits in three new dishes and the outcome looks amazing!  Applebee’s serves a million people a day!  Can you believe those numbers?  Wow!  Can you imagine the pressure an executive chef must be under to come up with recipes to make that many people happy?  I stress out on my little family!  While these techniques are commonplace at some high-end restaurants, you don’t have to break the bank to experience them.

Let me say first, before I get into talking about a couple dishes, that those of you who don’t drink please understand that this doesn’t eliminate these dishes for you.  When cooking with alcohol since of course it’s alcohol, it evaporates almost completely as soon as it’s added to a flame and the result is the base flavors that make up the spirit.  Like whiskey for example (because that’s the first dish) is aged in oak barrels so that’s the flavor that comes out.  Also, Applebee’s philosophy in cooking with spirits is “less is more. You don’t need very much to add the desired flavor in a well-balanced dish.”

There’s one with onions and mushrooms that are caramelized with double barrel whiskey to bring out the sugars and then deglaze the pan with American whiskey and flame it up to bring out the oaky qualities in the whiskey.  They cook the steaks to perfection and pour the whiskey, onions and mushrooms on top…whoa!  I’m drooling already!  Check out this link with Executive Chef Michael and see what he has to say.  He’s a handsome man, too so not bad to look at!!!  Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloins.

Another dish on the new Spirited Menu is Brew Pub Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip.  I love beer cheese soup and these pretzels look awesome!  A perfect appetizer!  I think I may try and make this at home soon.  The beer in this recipe is also American (which I love) and it’s a very subtle flavor.  You’re not going to be knocked over by a strong beer taste but be able to enjoy the brightness of it along with the creamy cheese and crunchy, salty pretzels.

Another recipe on the Spirited Cuisine menu is Applebee’s Napa Chicken and Portobellos which is cooked with a cabernet demi glace.  I think that’ll be my choice!  You see Applebee’s forwarded me a $25 gift card so that I can enjoy the new menu as well as generously giving one to a special reader of mine!  How cool is that?

Now, the question is…who wants it???

A lot of times when people have giveaways, I’ve heard participants complain that they hated having to jump through hoops to get it.  I’m not going to make you do that!  I’m using a program called Rafflecopter which helps me keep it all legal and fair but I’ve given you several options.  The more options you choose the better your chance.  Only one choice is mandatory and that’s just a simple comment below on which dish you’d choose if you’re the winner.   Other choices are optional but the beauty is that you can stay right here and do it all.  I also think this is perfect timing because we’re all going to be slaving away in the kitchen soon (if you haven’t already started…I haven’t) and it’ll be a nice little break to get out and let Applebee’s feed US!

The gift card is in an electronic format so that as soon as the winner is chosen, I’ll email you the link and you can be eating one of these stellar dishes by dinnertime of the same day!  And, when I go I’ll post my picks for the dish I chose to Instagram.  As the winner (or anyone really, y’all join in!) why don’t you do the same and let me know!  I’ll tweet about ya!  FUN!!

The contest goes live on Friday, November 16, 2012 at 12:01am and ends Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 12:01am.  The winner will be emailed on Wednesday morning.  Have fun and I hope YOU win! 😀


a Rafflecopter giveaway

By the way, I received the same prize as the winner will receive, a $25 gift card but my opinions are all my own.



  1. I’d definitely try the Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloin. That just looks so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
    Lisa recently posted..Minimalism and ChristmasMy Profile

    • Awesome!! Thank you so much for stopping by and entering. You’re my FIRST entry to my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! Yay us!!

    • My brother and his family moved to Northern Portugal to begin a ministry several years ago and there are lots of foods they miss. He’s been following my blog and making a list of things he’s like me to make for him when they visit home. I know it’s tough being so far away from what you’re accustomed to.

  2. Yay for your first giveaway!!! 🙂 I would love to try the Brew Pub Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip!
    Heather recently posted..Apple-Cinnamon GranolaMy Profile

    • I think so, too! It’ll be hard not to get more than one!!!

    • I agree! Thanks for entering. 😀

  3. Yay for you for hosting your first giveaway! And a yummy one at that. I think I’d go for the Napa Chicken and portobellos but I’d ask my husband to order the sirloin so I could enjoy both 🙂
    Krishann recently posted..This Week at BabbleMy Profile

    • We’re on the same page, girl! We’ll get the pretzels for an appetizer, and I’ll IMPRESS upon him how much he’ll love the steak so I can get the chicken!!

  4. Oh The double barrel whiskey sirloin! Congrats on your first giveaway! Nice to see you on the SITS Sharefest! Enjoy your weekend!
    Raquel recently posted..Thanksgiving Turkey CookiesMy Profile

  5. I want to try the napa chicken and portabella mushrooms

    • They sound amazing to me, too!!!

    • Awesome! Make sure you come back each day and enter as many times as you can so you can win!!!! 😀

  6. Congrats on your successful first giveaway! I’m in Canada so I’m assuming I am not eligible, and we don’t have an Applebee’s here, but if we did… I’d be all over those pretzels and dip! 🙂
    kate recently posted..Irene Suchocki: Capturing Dreams with a CameraMy Profile

    • Well you could always forward the gift card to someone you know here? Maybe even a nice surprise for a reader since it’s free to you?

    • Well with the prices at Applebee’s you could get both!

  7. I would definately choose the Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloin. I’m a steak lover.

  8. Definitely the Brew Pub Pretzels and Beer Cheese Dip! They look ridiculously delicious! Those and drink and who needs dinner!
    Leslie Reese recently posted..Favorite ThingsMy Profile

    • Ha! I agree totally! Thanks for entering.

    • They do don’t they! Thanks for entering.

  9. The Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloins are calling my name. Nothing sounds better than alcohol and beef.

    • Ha! Awesome! Come back tomorrow and enter again! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. I want to try the Napa Chicken and Portobellos

    • Hearing what everyone wants has completely messed me up. I think somehow I’ll have to try them all!!! Thanks for entering.

  11. I would try the Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloin

    • I think that’s probably the winner so far. So many people have chosen that. Thanks for entering!

  12. I really want to try Applebee’s Napa Chicken and Portobellos

    • Awesome! Thanks for entering. 🙂

      • Thank you! I was actually trying to decide where to go to dinner tomorrow night and this post has prompted me to make a decision 😉

        • Good luck! Maybe you’ll win. I’ll be sending out an email in the morning to the winner.

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