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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Sides, Vegetable | 4 comments

Roasted Sweet Potato Cubes

Roasted Sweet Potato Cubes

Yesterday was Labor Day and it was very low key for us but we had a wonderful day.  All the kids were home.  BB, Jr, Birdie and little Pickle, our granddaughter, was here also.  Such a treat. We grilled chicken and ribs and made cookies.  One of the side dishes was a new creation of mine.  I am obsessed with sweet potatoes.  I am also obsessed with sweet and spicy things and you’ll surely see that as a recurring theme throughout the recipes in this blog.  I get tired of sweet potato fries and just plain baked sweet potatoes even thought they’re awesome.  Sometimes though you just need a change! So Roasted Sweet Potato Cubes were born. This recipe is super simple.  It only requires 6 ingredients.  The chopping is the most time consuming thing so I made my sweet BB do it.  Well, in my defense she needs to learn these recipes so she’s proficient in the kitchen right?  Also because I was busy with the other food.  Or that’s what I tell myself!  She really didn’t mind.  She’s always very helpful. Although she may not be too happy with me posting this picture! Hehehe!

My Invisible Crown

BB cubing the sweet potatoes

Here goes the recipe.  Like I said it really is simple.

My Invisible Crown

Only 6 ingredients.

  • 4 medium sweet potatoes, cubed
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon butter, melted
  • 3/4 tablespoon Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning
  • 2 tablespoons or more brown sugar

I am certain any cajun or creole seasoning mix would work.  I buy Tony’s Chachere’s (pronounced SHA-sher-ee’s) because that’s what I like but feel free to experiment.  Tony’s has everything mixed together and just makes life easier whether cooking cajun inspired foods or to just spice up a basic dish.  It incorporates red pepper, garlic, salt, black pepper among other things.  If you’ve never tried it, grab some next time you’re at the grocery and see what you think.

First, take your sweet potatoes and cube them so that they are similar in shape and size.  This will make them cook evenly.  My Invisible Crown

Drizzle with olive oil, melted butter and sprinkle with Tony’s or cajun/creole seasoning mix and toss to evenly cover.  Bake for 15 minutes at 400. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with brown sugar and give it another quick toss to distribute.  Return to the oven and bake for another 10 minutes.  Drizzle with ranch dressing and serve.

My Invisible Crown

What’s your favorite way to eat sweet potatoes?




  1. Love spicy sweet. Maybe i can get my D to eat potatoes with these. Did you leave the skin on?

    • Me, too! I’ll probably be doing a lot of that. I did leave the skin on…vitamins and all ya know?

  2. I made these!…well, sort of….. Its almost impossible to follow an ‘american’ recipe word for word. Many packaged, quick foods we can’t get so I have to substitute a lot or just take the idea of the recipe and ‘eurpopean-ize’ it. This time I did have some creole seasoning, but when it came time to sprinkle it on, my hand refused….I just can’t wrap my mind around creole on my sweet potatoes! I’m sure it’s delish, but this was our first sweet potato in many months and I needed tradition I guess… month, after we’ve eaten them a few more times, I’ll need something different. Great work Christy…keep it up!

    • Thanks!! I know it sounds a little odd. When I make my sweet potato fries I use Tony’s and dip them in ranch. It really just adds a little heat and some garlic and onion…savory stuff. I know it sounds odd at first but now I can’t imagine them without it! Well except for traditional sweet potato casserole. Let me know when step out and try it. I’ll be interested to find out what y’all think! Thanks for the comment! It made my day. 😉


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